McCourtie Park - Pavilion

Resident - Park Rental with an Attendant (4 hours minimum)

  • 4 hours
  • Hourly Rate: $15.00
  • 10426 S Jackson Rd, Cement City, MI 49233

Service Description

Park Rental with an Attendant: 1. Rentals on the same date must allow for a minimum of two (2) hours between the end of one (1) event and the start of the next. 2. Rental fee is Non-refundable. 3. Attendant is required if the gate is to be opened: a. Attendant fee covers a minimum of four (4) hours; additional hours at extra cost. b. Reservation for an attendant must be made at least six (6) weeks prior to the scheduled event. Attendant cannot be guaranteed with less notice, but every effort will be made to accommodate the reservation. c. Responsibilities of Attendant: - Open gate for access of vehicles on concrete driveway to unload and load items. - Supervise all vehicles return to designated parking areas after unload or load. - Maintain order. - Supply electricity from Berm House if needed or requested. Parking: 1. Vehicles must park in designated areas outside of the park. 2. Vehicles only allowed in the park under supervision of an Attendant. 3. Overnight parking is prohibited. Electricity: 1. Only available at the pavilion (no overhead lights.) 2. Berm House outlet requires supervision of an Attendant. Berm House: Currently unavailable. Driveway Entrance: Entrance must not be blocked. Clean-up: Responsibility of renter regardless of whether rented with an attendant or without. Tables: Tables can be rearranged within pavilion but may not be removed from pavilion.

Contact Details

(517) 688-9223

10426 S Jackson Rd, Cement City, MI 49233, USA