McCourtie Park - Pavilion

Resident - Park Rental without an Attendant

  • 4 hours
  • 30 US dollars
  • 10426 S Jackson Rd, Cement City, MI 49233

Service Description

A. Park Rental without an Attendant: 1. Rentals on the same date must allow for a minimum of two (2) hours between the end of one (1) event and the start of the next. 2. Rental fee is Non-refundable. Parking: 1. Vehicles must park in designated areas outside of the park. 2. Vehicles only allowed in the park under supervision of an Attendant. 3. Overnight parking is prohibited. Electricity: 1. Only available at the pavilion (no overhead lights.) 2. Berm House outlet requires supervision of an Attendant. Berm House: Currently unavailable. Driveway Entrance: Entrance must not be blocked. Clean-up: Responsibility of renter regardless of whether rented with an attendant or without. Tables: Tables can be rearranged within pavilion but may not be removed from pavilion.

Contact Details

(517) 688-9223

10426 S Jackson Rd, Cement City, MI 49233, USA