McCourtie Park




The Bridges

There are seventeen unique bridges whick cross a meandering strea. Each bridge is made of sculpted concrete, painstakingly carved to look like logs, planks and ropes. McCourtie retianed two men, George Cardosa and Ralph Carona, who came from Mexico to design and construct the bridges.

At one time in the estate's colorful history, the bridges were equipped with electric lighting for the pleasure of evening stollers. At McCourtie Park these bridges are used for weddings and special photographiv opportunities. Your event questions can be directed to the township clearks office, 517-688-9223.

The Ponds

The two, spring-fed ponds were fourteen feet deep, 100 feet long and 60 feet wide. McCourtie used one for a swimming pool and the other for trout.

The Undeground Apartment and Garages

McCourtie entertained friends with a unique "apartment rathskeller" built into the side of a hill facing away from US 12.

A beautiful paneled bar dominated the tavern-styled center room, highlighted by rich beamed ceilings and a fieldstone fireplace.

On either side of the apartment are six garages that were once heated and opened electrically.

The "Tree" Chimneys

Needing chimneys for the underground rathskeller heating and boiler systems, and not wanting to mar the estate's natural landscape, McCourtie had the chimneys constructed of concrete and sculpted to look like trees. The concrete trees blend into the setting of the property and are visible from US 12.

The Birdhouses

McCourtie also had constructed unique Martin lodges capable of accommodating 192 and 288 birds respectively. Each was made of cypress and duraluminum and anchored in concrete blocks weighing approximately 20 tons.

The Main House

The McCourtie home which was built near US 12 in the 19th century and remodeled in the 1920's has been replaced with a beautiful pavilion overlooking the park along with a playground. The handicapped accessible access drive allows easier access to the pavilion for large social gatherings.